Ep. 14 : Watercolorist, Kara Voorhees Reynolds

The Unplugged Creative Podcast with Arielle Zadok Episode 14 Watercolorist Kara Voorhees Reynolds

Kara is a watercolorist who I found through falling in love with a piece of her work. Her story starts out a bit differently than you would expect given her current path… she was a writer!

Kara shared with me her dream of being a writer and how she eventually walked away and organically found her way to watercoloring. I love this episode because I don’t think we talk about transitions enough. We’re taught to just keep fighting for what we want but sometimes the right thing to do is walk away.

“I look at my story and it’s like if you drew steps in profile it’s all going down, falling down the stairs, and then I pick a different set of stairs”. - Kara

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Where to find Kara:

Check out Kara’s Website // Connect with her on Facebook // Follow her on Instagram

The work…

A note from Kara…

January 1st, 2015, I made a new year's resolution to resume an old habit of drawing. It was something I had not done in over a decade. I had always enjoyed creating images with pencils and pastels, but had let the hobby die. I began with graphite pencils and moved onto India ink pens, watercolor markers and finally, found myself in watercolor paints. My process also includes mixed media, using India ink and sometimes, gold and silver leaf. I find a great deal of inspiration from tattoo artists, both American and international.

There is an intense beauty in outlines and shading within them. The style of neo-traditional is my favorite. I have no training in art and the past four years have been an undertaking of self-education, trial and error and generally starting from scratch. It has been a magnificent journey. I have made many wonderful relationships with other artists and patrons of the local art scene. I create two kinds of pieces, either depictions of nature, landscapes, animals and plants or portraits of what I like to call my ‘weird, half ladies,' women with ‘creature features,' goat horns, exposed bone and sinew, tattoosand other extraneous and ethereal qualities. 

I am always working on new material, jellyfish, nebulae, unicorns and anything that comes to my mind. You can see more of my work on Instagram. If you would like to reach out to me about a commission or just to say hello, I am at artbykaravoorhees@gmail.com. - Kara Voorhees Reynolds


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