Ep. 6: Transformational Artist + Environmental Activist, Julie Angerosa

The Unplugged Creative Podcast with Arielle Zadok Episode 6 Transformational Artist + Activist, Julie Angerosa

Julie is no stranger to transformations of all kinds from big, challenging life changes to how she creates her art from objects that already exist in the world. 

In this conversation we talk about her decision to leave a stable teaching career (and how long she lived unhappily before she did it), and leaving behind her friends and family for a new life in a new city with her husband. Through it all Julie has always been able to come back to one thing; seeking the opportunity in the challenge. 

Listen to the end of the episode to catch and share Julie’s #TheUnpluggedCreative Challenge with the community!


About Julie

Julie Angerosa is a Transformational Artist and environmental advocate. Her work is intended to shift perspectives to encourage seeing challenges as opportunities for growth. She uses multimedia in her work; paint, metal, wood, stone, ceramics and found  materials.  Pieces in her jewelry line, REJuled, are handmade eco-chic designs created with natural stones and salvaged materials. She is native New Yorker currently living and working in St. Petersburg, Fl. 


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