Ep. 7: Production Designer, Brandon Agan

The Unplugged Creative Podcast with Arielle Zadok Episode 7 Production Designer, Brandon Agan

This exact day last year I was on set with Brandon for “Killroy Was Here”… a year later and who would have guessed he would become a guest on this show!

Brandon has been in show business since he was kid making decisions that you and I would still struggle with today! Since that time his path has lead him to careers as an actor, a young creative in an advertising agency and a freelancer in film production. He’s had “success” at his fingertips and knows what it’s like to still not feel fulfilled.

I loved this conversation for so many reasons but one of my favorite was getting to know one of the colleagues I adore working with in a much deeper way. Enjoy!

Listen to the end of the episode to catch and share Brandon’s #TheUnpluggedCreative Challenge with the community!



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The work…

A word from Brandon

Ever since I was a child all I wanted to do was make movies. What was at first fascination soon became a desire to learn all about making movies from acting, to shooting, creating special effects, and understanding production design...I wanted to learn it all. At the age of 18 I left home looking for a way to get my hands on anything. I spent years working my way up the ranks...spending nights in dark editing rooms learning how to create string outs and b-roll cuts, conducting interviews on the windy and cold streets of Boston while learning the ropes of reality television producing. Eventually I created my first two short films and then took a break to learn how to get better. I began writing and soon script after script I learned what style made the most sense for me...where my creative voice really was. I started working as an Associate Producer and then eventually a Content Producer. I made commercials with celebrities and comedians...then jumped immediately to an edit booth to get the final piece done by morning. I found myself on film sets working along side the likes of Kevin Smith and Dylan McDermott as a Production Designer. I worked through the various ranks of film production until I found my place, my name is Brandon Agan. I am a Production Designer. 


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