Ep. 4: Fine Artist + Muralist, Bekky Beukes

The Unplugged Creative Podcast with Arielle Zadok Episode 4 Fine Artist + Muralist, Bekky Beukes

Bekky has always been one of those women and artists who I have been in complete awe of. Her aesthetic is both dark and light and feminine and weird and sexy and disturbing.

Ever the inspirational force, my conversation with Bekky took us through the depths of what looking in the mirror and exploring our own darkness can teach us, using other artists to find the best version of herself and the responsibility of nurturing the gifts we are given.

She is a beautiful soul who brings darkness to light.

Listen to the end of the episode to catch and share Bekky’s #TheUnpluggedCreative Challenge with the community!



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Click on the image to download Bekky’s WHEEL OF WTF


The work…

See Bekky in action in this film by Austin McCurry


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