Ep. 12 : Graphic Designer + Live Events Professional, Adriana Boring

The Unplugged Creative Podcast with Arielle Zadok Episode 11 Graphic Designer Adriana Boring

Adriana has been shattering her own glass ceiling in the male dominated Live Events industry since she first got out of college. 

As a young twenty something year old woman who refused to leave her femininity at the door, she’s had to learn how to work with and manage men ten to thirty years her senior who didn’t necessarily respect her or speak to her appropriately. 

She also shares with us a very personal story giving us an intimate look of getting into, living through and eventually exiting a toxic emotionally abusive relationship with her then biggest client.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with domestic violence, please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1.800.799.7233

Listen to the end of the episode to catch and share Adriana’s #UnpluggedCreativeChallenge with the community!


Where to find Adriana:

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The work…

A note from Adriana…

A self-taught designer and PowerPoint extraordinaire, I first used my eye for design aesthetic as Editor-In-Chief of my high school yearbook. I continued in that direction as a design assistant, two years running, at Herff Jones’ annual Yearbook Tech regional meeting in San Diego, California.

While I pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, I used my final year at Arizona State to complete a minor in Special Event Management. After graduating in six short semesters, I began my career as a freelance graphics operator in large corporate and entertainment events.

This opened up a world of professional experience and personal growth and I used these years to develop and streamline my skills in graphic design, graphics operation, technical direction, production coordination and creative direction. I am very driven and am always looking to grow within the expansive, ever-changing creative industry.


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