Introducing The Unplugged Creative with Arielle Zadok


Arielle Zadok hosts The Unplugged Creative

That’s right my darling, this baby that I’ve been birthing for literally four years is FINALLY coming to life and I couldn’t be more excited. Together you and I are going to learn SO much about the creatives we admire, the people who inspire us and the artists who have shaped the world around us.

Check out the trailer and let me know what you’re excited in the comments below!



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While I can’t promise perfection (yet) when it comes to transcripts, I can promise that I’ll always provide them for you. Because I believe that podcasts aren’t just for people with great hearing.

Plus, I’ll use this as an opportunity to link you to all the things we mention in the episode. Enjoy!

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Hey friend! If you're anything like me then you're probably over hearing about success stories of creative people, getting advice from all the personal development gurus and especially over hearing about all the healthy habits successful people are implementing in their perfectly Instagrammable lives. I'll bet you're ready for something real. So was I.

My name is Arielle Zadok and that's exactly why I'm hosting a new podcast called The Unplugged Creative. I'm curious about how creatives got to where they are, what their roadblocks were and what wrong turns they took.

The truth is being creative is hard and no two paths are the same. I want to know what people were up against as they were finding themselves creatively and personally. I want to know what held them back and how they pushed through it. Most of all I want to keep it real.

I'll be talking to filmmakers musicians painters jewelers and all sorts of creatives about the things that they've gone through. But let's be honest you probably don't want to hear me talk about it. So here are some clips to wet your whistle until the first three episodes drop on November 18th. Who doesn't like a good binge, right?


01:11:04 - 01:31:06 - From Episode 1 with Andrejka Hirsch

I moved to Florida and at this point I realized the business has been really falling. I didn't have my friends I didn't have my circle. The relationship wasn't working out as I'd hope everything. Everything all the same. And how is your money. Oh money was non-existent and the boyfriend's Money was nonexistent and it was just it was a whole hot mess.

 01:31:06 -02:03:21 - From Episode 2 with Kaet McAnneny

You know you spent a lot of time in crisis mode when I did. And when that ends it's almost like an emotional kind of like PTSD where you see this adrenaline rush and you kind of just you have to keep moving. For me and even though it was positive movements and then good things were happening it's still a struggle for me. I still have anxiety and depression when I'm idle always creating and doing stuff and I'm sure you can relate. Go get a person. So sometimes these guys are like creating out of the joy of creating or creating because I really don't want to deal with something else.

02:03:21 - 03:08:25 - From Episode 3 with Justin Kucsulain

So I had this fucking business card and he looks at the card in my hand he looks up at me and he's straight up is like puzzled me as I do. No. Yeah. I was like I don't know the business of connections right. And he's a man you've got to do the work dude. Train Man train you can do it. And he just walked away with this and that's it resonated with me I was like man train train fuck her. So I looked into it and I found her acting class in Tampa GSW and got with peers like minded people and started working on myself and started figuring out like all these blocks that you had and you think you can do something and you have issues that you never dealt with and then you're peeling back these layers and then and then you get to this. After several years you get this fucking blank canvas and you're like Hmm I can do this this and this now but before you were shaking like a leaf pants doing a simple scene in front of four people that really that first gig really really spoke volumes.

03:09:02 - 03:20:28 - From Episode 4 with Bekky Beukes

When you do something that is so authentically honest that burns a fire inside of you - you can't stop that kind of magic

03:21:19 - 03:32:08 - From Episode 5 with Billy Mays III / AKA Infinite Third

Thing like the practice most nights of performing was so helpful. And then maybe if I was home I wouldn't even entertain at all. Who knows.

03:32:11 - 04:11:24 - From Episode 6 with Brandon Agan

It was a tough time because I was I was in a relationship that wasn't the best. I didn't really feel like I had anyone to go to for support because I felt like my my complaints weren't that valid. I felt like I was basically done in a day just saying like oh this job this awesome cushy job I have isn't letting me do everything I want and it's just like dude you're you know you're 22 you have this great job with all these benefits you're working with people are twice your age you should be very thankful for this. And I was but I didn't feel right and I felt bad not appreciating as much as I should have.